Sony 55 inch Ultra HD (4K) OLED TV (KD-55A8G)


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The Sony (KD-55A8G) is a 55 inch Ultra HD (4K) OLED Television. It is idle for a viewing distance of 6 Feet & above.

Ultra HD or also refered as 4K TVs deliver the minutest of visual details and color variations, offering the highest image quality out of all the 3 types of resolutions. The other two types being Full HD and HD ready.

4K UHD TVs offer additional colour and depth to the picture, thereby creating life-like images as it renders. While a new 8K standard is poised to pick up the baton eventually, 4K is still the go-go resolution for a new TV.

Watching an OLED TV for the first time is genuinely a pure ‘whoah!’ moment. So smooth, fluid, colourful and contrasty are the images that it's really hard to go back to your old LCD or plasma TV. In an OLED display each pixel self-illuminates, so you can control images at an individual pixel level.

General Specifications:

Brand: Sony

Model Name: KD-55A8G

Screen Type: OLED

Resolution: Ultra HD (4K)

Screen Size: 55 inch

Smart Tv: Yes

Number of USB ports: 3

Number of HDMI ports: 4

Ideal For Viewing Distance: 6 Feet & above

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