Motorola 8 kg Dryer Washing Machine (80FDAMW, White)


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The Motorola (80FDAMW) is a 8 kg Dryer washing machine. It is ideal for a family of 4.

While it’s not essential, a tumble dryer is a godsend if you have a large family that gets through a lot of laundries every week, or if you don’t have space to hang washing to dry.

Most models also feature the latest sensor technology. These sensors, found inside the drum, detect the amount of moisture in the drum and automatically tailor the program and length of the cycle based on the sensor reading. The sensors help to reduce drying times, offering greater energy efficiency and saving time.

General Specifications:

Brand: Motorola

Model Name: 80FDAMW

Capacity: 8 kg

Function Type: Dryer

Energy Rating: NA

Color: White

Ideal For Family Size: Family of 4

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