Equator 9 kg Washer with Dryer Washing Machine (EZ 5000 CV, White)


  • Rs. 60,000.00
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The Equator (EZ 5000 CV) is a 9 kg Washer with Dryer washing machine. It is ideal for large families.

If owning a dryer is important for you and you don’t have much space, a washer-dryer combination acts as two appliances in one, saving you space and perhaps even money – since you’re only buying one machine.

And, of course, having one appliance means less power being used, so it may be cheaper to run a washer dryer combo instead of two machines.

General Specifications:

Brand: Equator

Model Name: EZ 5000 CV

Capacity: 9 kg

Function Type: Washer with Dryer

Energy Rating: NA

Color: White

Ideal For Family Size: large families

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