Bosch 8 kg Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine (WAT2846WIN, White)


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The Bosch (WAT2846WIN) is a 8 kg Fully Automatic Front Load washing machine. It is ideal for a family of 4.

A fully automatic front-loading washing machine gives a clean wash and even removes stains. The front-loading washing machine is particularly efficient in stain removal without damaging the fabric. As the clothes spin in the drum, the water activates the detergent and the friction between the clothes starts the stain removal process.

The front-loading washing machine saves water because the drum depends on gravity to submerge clothes in the water. This is unlike a top-loading washing machine that requires a sufficient amount of water to execute a spin. This machine also squeezes water out of clothes so that they take less time in the dryer. This makes it energy efficient.

In addition, the front-loading washing machine pack more wash features to accommodate all fabric types and soil levels.

General Specifications:

Brand: Bosch

Model Name: WAT2846WIN

Capacity: 8 kg

Function Type: Fully Automatic Front Load

Energy Rating: NA

Color: White

Ideal For Family Size: Family of 4

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